Gary Halliday (client)
Gary hired you as a Camera operator & Editor. in 2006 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

“I have worked with Jason Since 2006. Jason’s contribution to our projects cannot be underestimated. Jason is a valued member of our team, his technical knowledge and artistic flair as a Camera Operator is second to none. I would not hesitate in recommending Jason Impey to any potential employers. Gary Halliday. Founder & Director UK Film School.” January 10, 2013

Tim Cowles (client)
Tim hired you as a Film in 2004 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Jason is my irreplaceable first choice for all film and multimedia work. He won't let you down, is fun to work with, and gets the results you're looking for.” September 25, 2012

Shayan Scott, Actor & Voice Artist, Shayan Scott (colleague)
worked directly with you

“Jason is a wonderful guy to work with and have on set. He works fast, works well with actors and is always smiling.” July 9, 2012

Nigel Steer (client)
nigel hired you as a camerman in 2010 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

Wade Radford, Executive Co Manager, Avenge Productions (colleague)

worked directly with you

“I worked with Jason Impey when he directed an Independent film for me that I'd written 'JAKE' (2012), and also continue to work with Jason on other projects. Jason is a creative director, with a vision, and very easy to work alongside, may I also add enjoyable. He has a great sense of team work, and produces great work both individually and as part of the group- May I add most importantly also reliable. I've enjoyed working with Jason, and continue to enjoy it, if you are looking for freelance work, weddings, parties, film, or student projects/classes, Jason's your man :)” September 25, 2012

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